Coffee Machinist Collaboration

Coffee Machinist Collaboration

Rick Bond “The Coffee Machinist” Collaboration. Model One BT. 2023. Rick Bond designed a single custom Model One BT unit for a giveaway in collaboration with Tivoli Audio. The Model features a walnut cabinet that has been textured and aged with a wire brush and oiled with natural Tung oil. The face is made from a pure copper sheet that has been brushed and colorized with a heat-treating process. The dials and knobs are in solid aluminum bronze that were selectively darkened.

Years ago, during Rick’s time living abroad in London, longing for the renowned Australian cafe culture, he befriended locals running cafes and immersed himself in the art and craft of coffee. His fascination with coffee machines evolved, leading him to explore their intricacies and stories. He found that many people had these incredible coffee machines for years or even decades, and their stories were so intricately woven in with the machines. These machines were more than a mechanical gadget but a conduit to human connection.

Moving back to Australia, Rick made the leap from his full-time photography career to restoring coffee machines. It was through his love of Hi-Fi that he was eventually connected with Tivoli Audio for a custom build.

This custom Model One BT reflects Rick’s desire to merge artisan craftsmanship from the early to mid- 20th century with the Tivoli Audio’s sensibility and audio design. The thoughtfully chosen materials ensure that the machine will continue to gain character as it ages.

Coffee, design, music– all demand a delicate balance of experimental creativity and science. Rick shared, “magic happens somewhere between the two.”

The giveaway details are posted on @tivoliaudio and @coffeemachinist Instagram accounts and will be open from November 10 to the 17, 2023 for Australian residents.

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