Love Letters to the Model One Radio

Model One BT AM/FM Radio

Originally designed in 2000 by renowned audio engineer Henry Kloss, the Model One is the radio that put Tivoli Audio on the map. And while a lot has already been said about the impeccable sound quality and iconic design of our flagship product, what's often overlooked are the connections we've made and the impact a tabletop radio can have on someone's life.

After 20+ years as a company, we thought we had heard it all while helping resolve some of the strangest mishaps. However, we recently asked to hear your Model One stories or fond memories and these three customer experiences were so next level that we knew we had to share them.

Stephen B.
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Stephen B. is a relatively new Model One BT owner who purchased his radio just over one year ago. "For years the Tivoli Audio brand has been advertised by Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto. The ads definitely sparked an interest to research Tivoli. The Model One BT seemed the perfect fit...loved the elegant yet simple look and the Bluetooth capability. The reviews sealed the deal."

Everything was going as advertised when disaster suddenly struck one night, "We had been renovating our kitchen, and in the chaos, a burner on the stove was accidentally engaged while being moved. Unattended, it and everything on it went up in flames... but we were fortunate. By chance, I caught the fire early. So relatively speaking, it was minor... could have been worse."

While complete destruction was thankfully avoided, Stephen's new radio looked to be a total loss and was subsequently left by the trash outdoors where it was exposed to a solid day of rain.

"Figuring the unit was completely toast, literally and figuratively, I decided to make it a project. I spliced the power cord back together and plugged it in. To my complete surprise —it worked... producing the rich beautiful sound I have come to enjoy. It's an incredible story that speaks to the quality of the radio."

"The wood housing was badly burnt, the cord was completely melted in half, and the front face panel, along with the knobs, were melted. Emma from Customer Service was so helpful in getting me all the parts required to fix the radio's appearance. The only exception was the wood housing. However, that was ok as my intention was to preserve what would be a cool conversation piece. The repair was pretty straight forward... removing screws to detach everything. I took photos along the way to ensure all would get reassembled correctly. The biggest challenge was the replacement face panel. One arm was broken and it also had three additional contact arms. A little glue and precision sawing resulted in a near perfect fit."

Thanks to his curiosity, skills, and a little help from the Tivoli Audio Customer Service team, Stephen has been enjoying his newly "customized" Model One BT.

"Most times the radio is tuned all day long into a local FM station; easy listening. Nice to have great quality background music playing while everyone is home."

Model One

Chef Jay Belanio
Warner Robins, Georgia

Jay is the executive chef at Sushi Thai Restaurant. Established in 2001, it is the first Japanese and Thai restaurant in Middle Georgia, offering authentic Thai cuisine, Teppanyaki style dishes, and traditionally prepared sushi and sashimi.

"As the restaurant’s executive chef, I do everything from making sushi, to cooking Thai and Japanese dishes, taking care of inventory, making sure the kitchen runs smoothly, and assisting staff."

For the crew working behind the scenes at Sushi Thai Restaurant, the Model One has been a part of the team and a source of entertainment to help them get through the workday.

"Working in a restaurant is very stressful and can be mentally and physically draining. I believe having a radio playing in the background helps alleviate that stress and puts everyone in a good mood. This affects how they interact with customers and coworkers. Working in a place without music is boring and lifeless, so having a radio in the kitchen sets the tone (pun intended) and makes work more enjoyable."

As one could imagine, after owning a Model One for so many years, particularly in a high traffic work environment, inevitable bumps and bruises are bound to happen.

"A couple of years ago, one of the cooks accidentally spilled some hot teriyaki sauce on the radio during a busy service and when I saw it, my heart stopped for a second thinking that was the end of it. We turned it off right away, got her cleaned up, and luckily it powered back on."

"I got this radio roughly about 16 years ago at a Target in Anaheim, CA, moved to GA and brought it with me. Its simple, minimalist design caught my eye when I first saw it. Even after 16+ years of ownership, I still admire its aesthetics and sound quality."

After a long life of entertaining the crew in the kitchen, Chef Jay finally retired his well seasoned Model One in favor of the upgraded Model One BT.

"Since I own the radio (luckily, haha), I get to choose what to play. But everyone seems to agree on classic rock. Once in a while some alternative, funk, heavy metal, or even classical. On a busy night, it’s usually hard rock or metal to get everyone pumped up and on their feet."

Pamela B.
Western Massachusetts

To some people, the Model One has had the honor of becoming something much more than a source of entertainment. For Pamela B. of, the memory of switching on her Model One in the kitchen is forever linked to her late mother Linda, who passed away from cancer in 2011.

"It’s hard to explain what this little counter top radio means to me. When my mom was alive, she turned on this radio every day and had it on country music. When I came to visit she would turn it up just a little bit more because she was so excited to have me over, and she would instantly start to sing country songs horribly out of tune. I could tell she was so content and happy."

It was decided by Pamela and family that the radio would stay on the counter in that same spot it always sat during those happy days singing country tunes together in the kitchen in Southport, NC.

"So now, years later, when I come to my moms house, I walk in the front door and immediately go to the kitchen, turn this little radio to the country channel that she always listened to, and say out loud (as awkward as it might be) 'Hi mom, I’m here!'"

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